Company Profile
All About dB  LLC aims to improve RF coverage by offering superior quality and cost-effective products and solutions. AAdB specializes in Research, Design and Production of coverage solutions for all types of mobile radio network, RF components and the provision of relevant services.
  • Passive RF Components – Diplexers, Combiners, Splitters, etc.
  • Coverage Products – Repeaters, DAS,etc.
  • Camouflage Antennas
Pico ICS Repeater

Pico ICS (Interference Cancellation System) repeater tracks amplified feedback and self-oscillation signal to cancel the interferences via Cancellation Filter using the state-of-the-art DSP technology to improve and extend the coverage areas. It is a cost effective solution to overcome installation challenges for poor coverage areas as no external donor and service antennas are required, although a donor antenna port is provided as an option. It can be used for small to mid size indoor weak coverage areas, such as supermarket, office, house, apartment, restaurant, etc.

Camouflage Antenna
Camouflage antenna is a very powerful tool to help the RF engineers and site development expedite building new sites:
  • Help with Permitting and Zoning 
  • Mitigate public concerns and fears
  • Integrate RF into residential environment seamlessly

There are premade models including Indoor, Outdoor and Macro BTS antennas, or you can choose other manufactures’ antennas and we can do the cosmetic work based on your requirement and specs.

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